We pride ourselves on being a bespoke Kitesurf School, with a culture that favors quality over quantity and appreciates that "it's all in the experience".



We appreciate the importance of the role of the instructor in any learning journey. In kitesurfing, this role is paramount to ensuring safety from day one, but it is also the key ingredient to a truly awesome kitesurfing experience. Whether it is your first time holding the kite or first time throwing a back roll, the experience is in the teaching so we make sure we can deliver the best so you are comfortable and confident out there. Whatever your needs, our instructors will customize lessons to reach your kitesurfing goals. From competitive advanced moves to breaking the learning curve they will get you there! Because we take the extra time and care to ensure  that each student gets the attention and instruction they deserve, we advise you to book ahead for a lesson or course. Please book in advance and let us know your kitesurfing goals so we can prepare a personalized experience to make the most of your time with us. For our lesson details and prices please click here.



Our Head Coach: Shawn Richman originally from Maui, Hawaii, our much beloved co-founder and resident professional kitesurfer. Shawn began his professional kitesurfing career at the age of 12, so he has plenty of experience in the sport. He traveled the world for 13 years competing on various international teams. When he finally decided to step away from traveling and competing, he and his wife chose their favorite spot in the world to ride and opened a custom kite and yoga school. Aside from his talents on the ocean, he is a warm friendly soul with a gentle and effective teaching style. We also maintain a team of carefully selected kitesurfing instructors to support our students during the kitesurfing season.